Monday, November 2, 2009

One of Three

Thinking now of Him Who is
and Him Who ever was;
recollecting, oh, the many
things my Savior does;
but is it even possible
for me to comprehend
all my Savior did for me
before He did ascend?
For I can barely understand
that certain type of love
that caused my Lord to lower Himself
from His throne above…
that caused my Lord to take the steps
that every mortal would,
putting up with everything
just to show we could.
But He put up with so much more
than we will ever see
because, though He is as we are,
He’s also One of Three.
Taking there, upon Himself,
what mortal man could not,
He demonstrated it as He
our soul redemption, bought!
Being One of Three, indeed:
the One Begotten Son,
the Father’s way of opening
His home to everyone;
making that eternal life
available to all-
all of those who bow down and,
the Name of Jesus, call!

Are you one of them? Will you call the Name of “Jesus?”
Anymore, that Name has become almost derogatory!
Call it out with me: “JESUS, JESUS, JESUS!!”

More than just a Name. Life itself!

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