Sunday, November 29, 2009


There is a day spoken of ahead. The Bible mentions it. Scholars and laymen discuss it at length! I know two things absolute:

1. It will happen!

Oh, to be in that one day
where glory is alone!
In the courts of God alive—
what majesty is known!
Blessed be the Name and
everything ascribed to God!
Better is one day, one moment!
All of it unflawed!

Captivated by that moment
nowhere else availed.
Settled in a perfect glory
that has never failed!
Escorted to and fro within
by the Holy Spirit;
the glory of that prophesied-
let not the purchased fear it!

And better is that day, that moment
than has ever been!
“Come, ye day that is assigned,
His fulness to be then!”
“Soon and very soon” to be
the present day at last!
Yes, into the Presence of Perfection
all of living passed!!

Oh, that One Day, come ye now,
all glory be revealed!
Not anymore, thy wonderments
to ever be concealed!!

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