Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Towards whom?
Over what?
Am I angry at the situation, or the source?
Whether we believe it or not, there IS an enemy!
The enemy would like nothing more than to ruin your day...your week...your life! In fact, this particular enemy would not only like to see your very death, but he would like it to be the slowest, most painful death imaginable. Believe it or not!
Of course, JESUS CHRIST defeated this enemy, but his tactics remain until The End.
Our greatest defense to this is our very reaction to his tactics. Sometimes, our reaction cannot be what it should be, so we must depend on those in the battle with us.
So was the case this week with one of the battle's stalwart warriors: my wife. I have never seen her in as much pain as she was this week! When I am in that much pain, I cannot discern who the enemy is, so I fire off at anyone close to me. Unfortunately, that is the one closest to my side. My greatest ally. Yes, her.
Why is that?

Too often are the arrows shot amiss;
pointed anywhere. Why is this?
Though I serve the General, absolute,
sometimes I do not bear the proper fruit.
But sometimes, though I do my very best,
a purple heart is placed upon my chest.
But they that serve the closest in the fray,
accolades deserve to go their way!

But subverting everything we do,
there is an enemy so very true!
His hatred for us, each and every one,
inspires what he does and what he's done!
ANYTHING that he can use to hurt,
he will, and so we must be on alert!
Elusive and confusing are his ways,
and getting even more so in these days!

That enemy would like nothing more than to turn each of us upon each other! That doesn't happen 'overnight.' It begins with one offense at a time. And that not even so! It is us that must take offense in order that something be offensive.
Will you give place to the enemy?

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