Wednesday, November 25, 2009


I hear so many talk about how "inconvenient" their lives would be if they became a Christian.
They speak of how much fun they will have to give up, and how much time they will have to spend 'going to church.'
Hmm...Who gave up 'what?'

There is an inconvenience-
how many will allow?
A major change will come about
at taking of a vow.
That one word terrifies so many,
so they shun that change,
rejecting opportunity
the heart to rearrange!

There is an “inconvenience?”
But cry out such as “LIE!!”
That vow, it is the greatest gift,
and here’s the reason why:
Jesus gave his very life
to benefit our own!
And if we see the whole, the
‘inconvenience’ is His own!!

There is an inconvenience—
but only unto God!
He takes time out of His life,
oh let the soul applaud!
Fear not the vow to serve the One
Creator of creation-
He put Himself out that we
could have the best relation!

Who gave up what...
"Lord, whatever it takes. You just tell me!"

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