Saturday, November 14, 2009

Happy Anniversary

There is something I can say today that very few people in this day and age can say,
"Honey, we have been married for 28 years!"
I say that first of all with a heart filled with gratitude to you, my love.
I say that with a heart filled with thanksgiving to God Most High! For it is with His grace and strength that we made it through those 28 years!
And I say it with a few words that started those 28 years...

"A flame has come into my life..."
that flame is still alive!
I didn't know the path it took,
I knew we would arrive!
One emotion starting,
still, they grow and grow...
a flame has grown into a fire
daily we to know.

A flame has come into my heart,
now durably indwelt.
Starting with a feeling, oh,
now even greater felt!
But far more now than "feeling,"
more certain than the same;
as independent from all 'feeling'
be that precious flame!

A flame has come into my heart
and taken over all.
It has enmeshed another heart
and made as one its call.
The fire that is kindling
yet each and every day
for lo these many years it has
become our very stay.

A flame has come into my heart
a flame that Father God did start
a flame He helps to keep alive
a flame from which we daily thrive!

Honey, thank you for 28 years!

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