Saturday, November 21, 2009


So be it! I be such if that's the label I must wear for believing and being thankful that Jesus died for me!
First, though, He suffered what no man could bear! That's something else that is avoided: the graphics of what He went through. Should I recount it here? Does it matter anymore?
I saw a bumper sticker with the "Ixoye" logo. It said "Greek to you. Life to me."
Indeed. Life. Life alive. Life abundant. Life alive again. Life eternal...NOT life extinct! However, talk of what Jesus suffered is becoming Greek to some, as fewer and fewer pulpits are staying bold enough to recount the truth!
Too, I know that some of the ways I cling to may earn me the aforementioned term. Again, so be it! When you see me go by with that "fish" on my car, it's not for a 'popular' movement, it is a thankful sign for Who is dwelling in my heart!
Am I an endangered species?

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