Thursday, November 12, 2009

Back Atcha!

Take a deep breath...
the paperwork...the visits...the phone calls...
try to put all of it aside for a minute and see
the squirrel just outside the window, oblivious to me,
the bluejays complaining about him...
the remaining autumn garment fluttering until descent,
only to add to the patchwork on the ground...
Oh, what sweet distractions from everyday events!

Just above reality
is something just as real.
The Creator of it all,
to some would yet conceal;
but to the privy of His self
life is all the more!
And looking to Him for that life,
it makes the 'real' soar!
Creation has more meaning as
more visible it be!
Even time itself may pause
in honor of The Three!
And that time that be invested
reaps a greater gain
as it contributes to a scheme
so far away from 'plain!'

It takes only a moment from your day to enjoy the view.
You just saw it in my words, you can do the same for yourself!
Try it!
God is there waiting to look back at you,
and everything else WILL get done!

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