Sunday, November 29, 2009


There is a day spoken of ahead. The Bible mentions it. Scholars and laymen discuss it at length! I know two things absolute:

1. It will happen!

Oh, to be in that one day
where glory is alone!
In the courts of God alive—
what majesty is known!
Blessed be the Name and
everything ascribed to God!
Better is one day, one moment!
All of it unflawed!

Captivated by that moment
nowhere else availed.
Settled in a perfect glory
that has never failed!
Escorted to and fro within
by the Holy Spirit;
the glory of that prophesied-
let not the purchased fear it!

And better is that day, that moment
than has ever been!
“Come, ye day that is assigned,
His fulness to be then!”
“Soon and very soon” to be
the present day at last!
Yes, into the Presence of Perfection
all of living passed!!

Oh, that One Day, come ye now,
all glory be revealed!
Not anymore, thy wonderments
to ever be concealed!!


"Heavenly Father, thank You for writing these words through my pen. I pray that You would now take these words to where they need to go to cause someone to have the closeness that we have. Use these words to draw men into that oneness that changes the heart.
In JESUS' Name,

All sound falls away as I
converse again with God;
even angels gather wings,
ceasing to applaud;
all creation seems to halt
as He attends my prayer--
o, the lengths my Father goes
to show He is aware.

All else seems to cease as God
attends to only one.
He looks with steel into my face
and says "My blessed son;"
and there is a relationship
that terrifies most men,
as He becomes the place I am,
and not a place I've been.

All of life is solitaire
in the here and now:
God and I, myself and God,
according to the vow.
Love and life exchanged between
two personal and best,
even to the point that we
be one-so very blessed!

At one with my Father.
No one else would bother.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thankful for...

So much to be grateful for...
Along with providing love, life, salvation, health, residence, God also provides "luxuries."
So often, I hear people tell me "WAIT! When you prayed for me, You asked God to provide ________! That's something God is not concerned about! That's a luxury!"
That's right! And that _______ is on my list of prayer requests, too! His Word is replete with reminders for us to ask anything of Him because He loves us! And yes, there is a line to be drawn! I have no business asking Him for Hot Wheels if I ignore taking care of the wheels that get us from here to there! But you know what I mean.
Be thankful for what you have. Thankful to God! Expect God to provide, but don't take it for granted. And nothing is too small to thank Him for.
The Word makes it clear that if I am not thankful for the small 'things' that we have, I will not be grateful for the big 'things.' Why then should such blessings come my way? (Or yours?) You've heard me say it before, and I will say it again: God IS interested in our DESIRES.
BE GRATEFUL! His Word says that it is His will for us to "...give thanks in everything, for it is God's will..." It doesn't say for us to give thanks if what we have is exactly what we ordered. It does say to give thanks in everything:
in every situation...
in every state of health...
in every financial state...
and so forth.
I KNOW that when I learn to be thankful and happy in those situations, better may come my way. But that is NOT the motive!
You are not thankful for the situation you are in right now? I am not always thankful of the condition I am in right now! But I do know that He is aware of it, and it will get better!
What you have right now is not exactly what you want? Enjoy it anyway! It may just be a stepping-stone to that which is greater.
Be thankful. It is not always easy. It is to our benefit!
I am thankful that He helped me write this.
I am thankful that you are reading this.
I am thankful that I can pray for you.
All of these are 'luxuries' to most!
God bless you.
Happy Thanksgiving!
Jim & Debby

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


I hear so many talk about how "inconvenient" their lives would be if they became a Christian.
They speak of how much fun they will have to give up, and how much time they will have to spend 'going to church.'
Hmm...Who gave up 'what?'

There is an inconvenience-
how many will allow?
A major change will come about
at taking of a vow.
That one word terrifies so many,
so they shun that change,
rejecting opportunity
the heart to rearrange!

There is an “inconvenience?”
But cry out such as “LIE!!”
That vow, it is the greatest gift,
and here’s the reason why:
Jesus gave his very life
to benefit our own!
And if we see the whole, the
‘inconvenience’ is His own!!

There is an inconvenience—
but only unto God!
He takes time out of His life,
oh let the soul applaud!
Fear not the vow to serve the One
Creator of creation-
He put Himself out that we
could have the best relation!

Who gave up what...
"Lord, whatever it takes. You just tell me!"

Thankful There?

How do we know?
But just listen to the heart!
Listen to the soul!
Listen to the constant yearning of the inner man to be there!
What do you yearn for?

Where gratitude is life alone
do I desire be.
Thanksgiving more than just a day,
it is eternally!
No wondering about the menu...
"how long should that cook..."
no one tries to make the spread
like it was in a book!
But one Guest to matter there,
and He will surely be!
He is the very Host, you know,
and He calls such as we!
One way to get a seat up there,
and none to take away!
Will You respond to His Call
before the Awesome Day?

Where gratitude is all of life,
oh come and take me now!
As to be thankful for my lot
has always been my vow!
And even more as I have learned
of that celestial Place
where I shall dwell with Him Who saved me
of His precious grace!

Go with me, won't you?
We depart when HE says!!

Monday, November 23, 2009


Good morning, my Father.
Thank You for the night of uninterrupted rest.
Thank You that my sleep was not punctuated by gunfire.
Thank You that I was not awakened by mortar blast.
Thank You that there were not any bombs going off shaking my home.
Lord, I did not hear any handguns while I slept. Thank You.
I am a very blessed man!
Father, there were not even any people yelling at each other waking me up.
Thank You.
You are so good to me, Father.
Good morning, Father.
What a glorious morning.
Heavenly Father, I am so very grateful for all that I mentioned, yet I know that some of Your own people live with that every night.
Do I ask for forgiveness for being so blessed? Teach me to pray, Lord.

Some of that happens nightly not far away from here, Father!
It is not the war going on that causes this;
it is not the dark of night that causes this;
it is not even the location they are in,
it is the sin that is in the hearts of men that causes all of the violence that goes on EVERYWHERE!
No, I am not immune.
Just because I live in a certain location does not mask it!
My residence in a certain c
ountry means NOTHING! Violence is not a location! Wait! Yes it is--it is located in the heart!
Father, thank You that the hearts of those whom I live near are not so bad that these things are happening near me.
But Father, is that a real prayer?
What does that say about my heart toward those righteous people in that neighborhood when they suffer the loss of a righteous loved one due to a stray bullet?
What about that innocent child filled with shrapnel as he walks home from school there?

Lord, teach me to pray.
Father, forgive me. Please give me a proper heart as I celebrate Thanksgiving this week.

I love You, Father. I am thankful that You are so good.

In JESUS' Name,

Saturday, November 21, 2009


So be it! I be such if that's the label I must wear for believing and being thankful that Jesus died for me!
First, though, He suffered what no man could bear! That's something else that is avoided: the graphics of what He went through. Should I recount it here? Does it matter anymore?
I saw a bumper sticker with the "Ixoye" logo. It said "Greek to you. Life to me."
Indeed. Life. Life alive. Life abundant. Life alive again. Life eternal...NOT life extinct! However, talk of what Jesus suffered is becoming Greek to some, as fewer and fewer pulpits are staying bold enough to recount the truth!
Too, I know that some of the ways I cling to may earn me the aforementioned term. Again, so be it! When you see me go by with that "fish" on my car, it's not for a 'popular' movement, it is a thankful sign for Who is dwelling in my heart!
Am I an endangered species?

Friday, November 20, 2009

"Good Morning, My child!"

Remaining leaves be shimmering
with morning peeking through...
an able gust across the land
to purify the view...
darkest shades framing the
horizon all around...
unfettered rays of life above
the vision to astound!

What a way for God to say
"Good Morning" unto me!
Reaching out His hand with endless
"I accept it, Father God,
and vow to do my best
with this perfect day that You
have made and You have blessed!"

Can you hear Him where you are? Listen!
I promise you there is a message from Him wherever you are!
Just listen...

Monday, November 16, 2009

The Key

"According to your faith, be it unto you."
Must the flamboyant always have the results?
I once knew a lady who told me "Jim, the reason you still suffer is because you haven't gone to the _________ ministry! If you would only let _________ pray for you, all your suffering will be gone!"
Again, NO WAY!
Proof of that happened again yesterday. We had one of our missionaries in town. It is always awesome hearing of what God is doing across the borders and over the seas! Of course, he caught us up on that, but he also prayed for anyone in need during the service.
I did not go forward. I was in too much pain! Rather, I sat in my seat and held onto that scripture that said that if I would only believe, it would be done unto me.
In Matthew 7:8,9, there is the account of the faith of the centurion, in that Jesus had only to speak the word and healing would take place. That is what happened yesterday. I was in too much pain to go up for prayer. So I sat there and, believing, received. By the time I got home, I was feeling much better. This morning, I feel great! God is so good!
What about you? You can receive what you are needing. It doesn't have to be in front of a lot of people. It doesn't have to be at a huge meeting. But it does have to be IN FAITH!
What are you still going through? What are you still suffering from? Is it because you think you haven't gotten into the 'right' scenario to receive? Set your heart to receive today! Faith is the key!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

I received a phone call at the office the other day from someone I had not heard from in a few years.
The man made a statement, one that is beginning to trouble me.
"Jim, you would love the church we are at! It is just like the old-time ________!"
It made me think. When my son is that age, what is he going to tell his friends? "Hey Josh! You are going to love that church we found! It is just like Cro-Magnon ________!"
I don't know. If something is going on at the church you are at, is not the Holy Spirit in control?
If so, what if it is something new?
What if it is something that you are not used to?
What if it is something uncomfortable?
Are you going to leave that church?
Are you going to wander until you find that comfort, whatever it is?

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Happy Anniversary

There is something I can say today that very few people in this day and age can say,
"Honey, we have been married for 28 years!"
I say that first of all with a heart filled with gratitude to you, my love.
I say that with a heart filled with thanksgiving to God Most High! For it is with His grace and strength that we made it through those 28 years!
And I say it with a few words that started those 28 years...

"A flame has come into my life..."
that flame is still alive!
I didn't know the path it took,
I knew we would arrive!
One emotion starting,
still, they grow and grow...
a flame has grown into a fire
daily we to know.

A flame has come into my heart,
now durably indwelt.
Starting with a feeling, oh,
now even greater felt!
But far more now than "feeling,"
more certain than the same;
as independent from all 'feeling'
be that precious flame!

A flame has come into my heart
and taken over all.
It has enmeshed another heart
and made as one its call.
The fire that is kindling
yet each and every day
for lo these many years it has
become our very stay.

A flame has come into my heart
a flame that Father God did start
a flame He helps to keep alive
a flame from which we daily thrive!

Honey, thank you for 28 years!

Friday, November 13, 2009

THAT Soldier

I was writing on Veteran’s Day morning and these words came out. May they serve as a reminder to all of us, and hopefully as a reminder to them...

Writing about a hero
of whom I do not know.
The stories of his faithfulness
are in my heart aglow.
They spur me into action
of praying for his life;
I know he faces danger,
I know he faces strife!

Writing of a hero
whom I have never met.
An opportunity to thank him
I may never get!
So words out of the deepest,
unto him are they composed;
see to it he receives his due
no matter what opposed!

Writing for a hero
who has no time to read.
But to convey to him that, for
his life, my life takes heed!
Will ever he be keen to it?
That matters not at all!
Only that, for his each breath,
to Father God I call!

Writing for a hero? So what? What is more important than these words to him are our words to God for his each and every concern! For even when rhyme and verse are absent, even when words are absent, God sees and knows the heart as we pray for these heroes!
Join me in prayer for them, won't you?


Thursday, November 12, 2009

Back Atcha!

Take a deep breath...
the paperwork...the visits...the phone calls...
try to put all of it aside for a minute and see
the squirrel just outside the window, oblivious to me,
the bluejays complaining about him...
the remaining autumn garment fluttering until descent,
only to add to the patchwork on the ground...
Oh, what sweet distractions from everyday events!

Just above reality
is something just as real.
The Creator of it all,
to some would yet conceal;
but to the privy of His self
life is all the more!
And looking to Him for that life,
it makes the 'real' soar!
Creation has more meaning as
more visible it be!
Even time itself may pause
in honor of The Three!
And that time that be invested
reaps a greater gain
as it contributes to a scheme
so far away from 'plain!'

It takes only a moment from your day to enjoy the view.
You just saw it in my words, you can do the same for yourself!
Try it!
God is there waiting to look back at you,
and everything else WILL get done!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Uniform containing?
Clothes to make the man?
Does he remain a soldier
Away from his command?
A veteran, however,
For always to remain;
Gratitude from poet
To gain and to retain.

My brother and my sister,
To you I render thanks;
Tour be no matter,
And set aside all ranks.
That you would risk your life to warrant
Safety of my own—
I raise my ball-point sword and pray
My heart to you be known!
A heart full of thanksgiving,
A heart full of respect;
You gave up years of living, knowing
Not what to expect.
And God saw it convenient
To bring you back alive;
Due your great sacrifices does
America yet thrive.

Oh, thank you, brother veteran,
Every role and rank.
Do know that we respect you as,
Each one of you, we thank.
Thanks also to the Father,
Whose watch will never end.
Your sacrifice is noted,
Your country to defend.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Out of your way

Wherever you are today, I promise you they will be there. Wherever you work, wherever you shop, wherever you eat, THEY will be there!

How many are the thoughts and actions
properly directed?
How many are the gratitudes
by them each detected?
Sent off into the unknown,
boldly did they go...
to then return to the "unknown?"
but say it isn't so!!

But may they each detect the
gratitude from every heart!
Gratitude to each of them
because they did their part;
gratitude no matter time,
regardless branch or rank-
go out of your way today
each veteran to thank!!

And go out of your way regardless
of what day it be!
Reach out your hand in thanks to every
veteran you see!
Thank God for what they've done! And time
erases not their deeds!
For they have done what we could not
for our United needs!

Thank you, veterans. We appreciate every one of you! We are praying for you. May you sense from us every respect that you are so worthy of!
In HIS Service,
Jim Busby

Monday, November 9, 2009


Have you ever wondered
What are the seasons in Heaven?
Are their any leaves to be swept?
How hot does it get in the summer?
Where are the snow shovels kept?
But if it is perfect in Heaven,
what season will matter at all?
Only to worship our Father,
and answer to His beck and call!

Too often, the affects of season here affect our attitudes about life.
Do our relationships toward such here affect our relationship with Him there.
The leaves of autumn are cussed; the snowfall is cursed; the heat is dreaded; certainly there is something about spring that will be complained about by someone. But creation is seasonal. Our relationship with the Creator should be permanent!
Is yours?

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Real Father

Loving Father, as I praise You,
You look at me and say “I appraise you.”
After such a task is done,
You look at me and say “I give My Son.”

As I fall in disbelief,
Your love raises me in sweet relief…
Your firm embrace restores my soul,
Your words repair and make me whole.
And Father, as praise continues on,
any apprehensions are gone
and worship makes both of us as one
as You embrace me and say “My son…”

Oh, the intensity of love, a father’s love…THE FATHER'S love!
No other love compares with it. NOTHING compares to it!
O so blessed are those who recognize and enjoy the reality of it!

Why are words?

The Lord is God. Period.
Writers record Him, pro and con. Whatever is written does not change the fact that He is, and that He is God.
Even if nothing more is written about Him, even if all that is written about Him disappears from existence, He is God. Period.

Beyond the verse of poet,
beyond the scribe's account,
the existence of His glory,
it would yet amount.

The majesty of God the Father
and of Christ the Son,
overwhelm and so cry out
"believe ye, WE ARE ONE!"

The evidence of Holy Spirit
permeating all,
cause the whole of man to worship,
acting to His call!

The abilities of those
of pen, of voice, of deed,
be yet ordained of only One,
but NOT of His own need!

Men of many talents be compelled to communicate Him, for OUR good, not His! He has all of creation describing Him, and He hasn't even NEED of that! For He is God. He doesn't even need these words.
Why, then, are writers compelled to write about Him?

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Towards whom?
Over what?
Am I angry at the situation, or the source?
Whether we believe it or not, there IS an enemy!
The enemy would like nothing more than to ruin your day...your week...your life! In fact, this particular enemy would not only like to see your very death, but he would like it to be the slowest, most painful death imaginable. Believe it or not!
Of course, JESUS CHRIST defeated this enemy, but his tactics remain until The End.
Our greatest defense to this is our very reaction to his tactics. Sometimes, our reaction cannot be what it should be, so we must depend on those in the battle with us.
So was the case this week with one of the battle's stalwart warriors: my wife. I have never seen her in as much pain as she was this week! When I am in that much pain, I cannot discern who the enemy is, so I fire off at anyone close to me. Unfortunately, that is the one closest to my side. My greatest ally. Yes, her.
Why is that?

Too often are the arrows shot amiss;
pointed anywhere. Why is this?
Though I serve the General, absolute,
sometimes I do not bear the proper fruit.
But sometimes, though I do my very best,
a purple heart is placed upon my chest.
But they that serve the closest in the fray,
accolades deserve to go their way!

But subverting everything we do,
there is an enemy so very true!
His hatred for us, each and every one,
inspires what he does and what he's done!
ANYTHING that he can use to hurt,
he will, and so we must be on alert!
Elusive and confusing are his ways,
and getting even more so in these days!

That enemy would like nothing more than to turn each of us upon each other! That doesn't happen 'overnight.' It begins with one offense at a time. And that not even so! It is us that must take offense in order that something be offensive.
Will you give place to the enemy?

Monday, November 2, 2009

One of Three

Thinking now of Him Who is
and Him Who ever was;
recollecting, oh, the many
things my Savior does;
but is it even possible
for me to comprehend
all my Savior did for me
before He did ascend?
For I can barely understand
that certain type of love
that caused my Lord to lower Himself
from His throne above…
that caused my Lord to take the steps
that every mortal would,
putting up with everything
just to show we could.
But He put up with so much more
than we will ever see
because, though He is as we are,
He’s also One of Three.
Taking there, upon Himself,
what mortal man could not,
He demonstrated it as He
our soul redemption, bought!
Being One of Three, indeed:
the One Begotten Son,
the Father’s way of opening
His home to everyone;
making that eternal life
available to all-
all of those who bow down and,
the Name of Jesus, call!

Are you one of them? Will you call the Name of “Jesus?”
Anymore, that Name has become almost derogatory!
Call it out with me: “JESUS, JESUS, JESUS!!”

More than just a Name. Life itself!

That Land Upon My Mind

"Monday morning..."
To so many, you would think that it be a curse!
To some, the only purpose to Monday morning is to look forward to Friday!
What kind of life is that?!
There is something often upon my mind, and not just on Monday morning, nor just on Friday afternoon. It is something completely "out of this world!"
Is it ever upon your mind?

The meadows of my Heavenland
I have upon my mind.
Walking slowly through them now
is where, this man, you'll find.
The rolling hills, the waving grass,
as far as you can see...
it is my reward for pressing
on to victory!
It is just a taste of what
will be when life is o'er.
Just beyond the lovely Gates
on that celestial shore,
Someone waits there to escort me
out across the lands:
Him with scars upon His back
and nail-prints in His hands!
And so, with anticipation,
I press on indeed;
with the precious Holy Spirit
for my will to heed;
ever-recollecting on
the land upon my mind
where,soon and very soon, myself
with Jesus, there you'll find!

What's on your mind?