Wednesday, October 14, 2009

You have made a way

"You have made a way for me,
You promise, You come through!
The only thing that must be done
is trust completely You!
Your vows are without argument
and settled long ago;
mine each and every certainty,
God, You completely know!
Your ways, for they are absolute,

we only must accept!
You keep them without wavering,
(though we may feel inept!)
You settle them as certain,
yet newer everyday-
I do not understand in full,
but prosper anyway!
You have made a way for me,
even when I rebel!
You saw the course that I would choose...
Your way, no choice, to fell!
Thus I go on anointed,
appointed and ordained,
for Your glory, Yours alone,
said way has yet remained!

There is a way appointed for all of us. Some do not know. Some reject it. I know some that write it off as "predestination," and try to live like hell!! Will YOU accept what God has for you?

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