Saturday, October 17, 2009

THAT Cross

What do you stand for?
I know, there are songs, movements, even entire communities begging that question from you. There is one single issue, though, whose stand determines your state for all eternity.
Will you stand for Him?

Fain would I stand up for Him,
willingly to share!
Even to resist contempt,
Calvary’s shame to bear!
For greater are the things within
provided by His grace
than the rife debauchery
without for me to face.

Ever shall I face my world,
my countenance aglow;
the cross of Christ mine only shield
against what it should throw.
Mine only shield? Indeed! But is
it not omnipotent
against the lies and wickedness
that are nether-sent?

I glory in the Cross while serving
Him Who occupied.
Assured victory as I am
elected to His side!
My standard it shall be until
I look into His face,
then shall He, from His treasuries,
that rugged Cross replace!

Am I alone?

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