Monday, October 12, 2009

Stellar Ways

Though stellar is His every thought,
though universes He has wrought,
though, by Him, the stars are taught,
He gave His Son for me!

Inconceivable, the ways
of The Inhabitant of praise;
yet, in all of my earthly days
I can so clearly see!

Yea, so far above this place,
I soar to gaze into His face;
yet He descends-what blessed grace
that, without, I shan't be!

Conceiving such--it's not for me!
"To just accept," my God's own plea.
Daily, thus, His grace to see
for all eternity!

Just accept...but, but,
But I have to explain it...
But it must be explained to me...
I can't figure it out, therefore it cannot be true.
Just accept it. Can you?

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