Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Speed of Time

And time goes by...
Summer just ended yesterday, and Thanksgiving is only a few weeks from now...
And Christmas a few weeks from there!
Is time only an issue for us?

Is time only an issue for a writer with limitations?
Should it even be an issue?
But to spend time glorifying God, attempting to reveal Him in new ways to a world with limitations!

Everlasting God,
oh will we understand?
Unto certain people is
so visible Your hand!
Unto the ones expecting comes
reality of You,
and thus, the glories of You, God,
come fully into view!
And to the one with pen would come
a verse, a verse anew!
Is it because the scribe be worthy
of much more of You?
NO! You are no respecter!
You love each one the same!
I only CHOOSE to see You and
to glorify Your Name!

Thus to spend the time that is
in adoration of
the One who is immune to time,
the One who is all love!
He sees beyond all time to each
event that is ahead
and heartens me "Press on..." in Him,
that I be surely led!

And time goes by...
No matter how fast that time goes, as I commit it to Him, He assures that He AND I will get the most out of it!
How is your time?

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