Friday, October 9, 2009


Rumbling experienced
where life is yet to see...
glorious resounding
long before the ancients be...
adoration even where
this life can fathom not...
the same, for His Omnipotence,
a fleeting afterthought?
Forbid the same! But His awareness
growing, growing, GROWING!
And His creation glorious,
it shows no signs of slowing!
For said creation we can see,
and feel, and even hear!
To glorify Him for such life,
let each heart persevere!!

Rumbling continuing
despite the speed of living!
Man unaware, yet other life
His praise and worship giving!
Behold how many other realms
respond to God alone,
and bring that thrill unto His grace
upon the only Throne!!

I have not mastered worship. I am only a participant.
Are you?

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