Friday, October 16, 2009

Matthew 6:19-21

My riches are not of silver or gold,
diamonds or rubies or any such told.
Nor are they based in possessions or land,
they're blind to the eye, untouched by the hand.
For I have a treasure that naught can pollute,
and my claim unto it not one can refute!
Moth cannot destroy it, thief cannot steal;
to my heart alone is its worth to reveal!
And there, in that faceted chamber of life,
are valuable treasures, ever so rife!
Things so expensive they haven't a price;
the blood of a dear One, the cost to suffice!
Corruption unknown to what is within,
as nothing inside there is fashioned of men.
All of its contents have come from above,
form one in particular: God--Who is love!

Where are your treasures?

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