Sunday, October 18, 2009

Lord of Grace

Too often, Christians are looked upon, (or down upon,) as people with no problems at all. Thus, we are seen as ignorant or apathetic to the trials of others.
As I spoke with someone at a restaurant, I heard "How would you know? Your God protects you from ALL problems!" about a conversation starter!! At the end of that conversation, the man and I had a wonderful time of prayer!

I am not exempt from all
the trials of the day.
A fairly decent share of them
truly come my way.
It is but a part of life, though,
I have come to learn;
I do not enjoy them, but
anxiety I spurn!
My Lord and Savior said, Himself,
that such would always be.
However, there is so much more
in store for such as we;
especially concerning how
He knows our every care!
Tell me, then, how should I allow
but anything to scare?

Serenity in knowing that
all things are known to Him,
and that He is concerned for each
and every one of them.
Thus, with the brightest countenance,
each moment I shall face!
Again, so very blessed am I
to have the Lord of Grace!

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