Monday, October 19, 2009

Invisible Sight

You illuminate the breath
that causes me to live;
inhalation of it, oh,
what nourishment to give!
My spirit is refreshed, my soul
responds with celebration!
And I am glad You look at me
and call me Your relation!

You illuminate the breath
that none else may provide!
I prosper--such is proof that You
inside that breath reside!
Not as is seen prosperity
in this decaying place,
but life abundantly in Him--
Jesus, Lord of Grace!

Breathing so illuminated,
living so alive!
Vows that, to a higher place,
in victory I'll arrive!
But life illuminated every
moment until then,
when I return to that fair land
where I have never been!

"A new, familiar place." Though I've never been there, it will feel like home." I don't understand it, but He told me so. I believe Him.
Do you?

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