Saturday, October 31, 2009

The House

We arrove at church early again last Sunday. The plants needed tending. That did not take too long, and there we were afterwards: Debby, myself and Father God.
After our time together, I tried to record it:

In silent and in still,
blossoms bloom at will;
fellows on the wing
aren’t hesitant to sing!
God commutes so real,
abundant to reveal!
And life receives its fill
while silent and while still…

So early in the house
of Him Who is my Spouse.
Why am I in the Place
of Him Who is all grace?
With no one else around,
do His affects abound?
But He is everywhere
His plentitude to share!

In silent and in still-
is it His perfect will.
For I’ve been summoned here,
and His call I revere!
His wonderments abound
here where I am found!
He shows them one by one
while calling me His son!

Oh, what a wonderful time with our Father! Nothing compares to it. Nothing supersedes it. Even if the house to which He calls me be ‘empty,’ He fills it with Himself, and I am blessed!
Seek that place, won’t you? It’s never hard to find. It’s not always a church ‘building,’ and He is always there for you.


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