Thursday, October 15, 2009


Hang in's almost over!
Though you feel it's pointless, remember

Paradises elsewhere,
on and on they go.
Do the stresses of this place
affect their ebb and floe?
"Press on! Press on," they call to us,
"through temporary grief!
The day is closer nigh at hand
when you shall know relief!"

Paradises elsewhere
secure each yearning heart
with blessed truths that the saved
shall certainly depart!
A destination sure awaits
with glories yet unknown;
The very same it culminates
before His glory throne!!

Paradises elsewhere-
they tug the heart indeed,
with reminders that, at last,
the spirit will be freed!!
Do not ignore such promptings,
embrace them all secure!
For with the Spirit's help, ye shall,
to Paradise, endure!!

Cling to it! Embrace it, and never let go of the Promised Land the saved shall enjoy!

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