Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Awesome and majestic
You are and You have been;
glorious and beautiful,
beyond the grip of men!
However, You are touchable
by any who desire;
the splendor of You, Father God,
so much to inspire!

Awesome and majestic,
You are and You will be;
glorious and beautiful,
beyond eternity!
However, You are touchable
to all who have Your Son.
The mercy of You, Father God,
eternal life is done!

Awesome and majestic,
You were, You will, You are!
Glorious and beautiful,
beyond, but never far!
You are, You are so touchable
to any and to all!
The grace of You, oh Father God
to any that will call!

Can you see it? Yes, you can!
And you don't have to strain to see! His grace is right there, in plain sight, as it has been for centuries! The only way to miss it is to ignore it!
Don't miss it. It is glorious!!

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