Wednesday, October 21, 2009


What does it take to get your attention?
How far does God have to go for you to take notice?

Frameless skies hanging without end...
wonder, oh so freely to ascend...
men have tried to scale, without effect,
that place where truth and wonder intersect.
Faces lined with awe attend that place.
They are tolerated with such grace
by the One Creator of it all;
the very same, their deepest souls to call!
The One and only to ordain said frame,
each one in wonder, He knows them by name!
The only One to legislate an end,
He bids each one and all for to ascend!
One and only God, Creator, Friend,
all majesty and glory would He tend;
dispensing, to the poet, at His will,
that which brings to life the yielded quill!

Can you see it? Do you have time? Do you even want to?

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