Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Creator God...
But what if His 'creation' is unpleasant? What if we have to clean up after Him? So often, I hear folks complain because they have to rake up after Him! I don't hear them complain while He is painting the limbs and branches! In fact, that usually takes their breath away! (And I can hear them now. "Hey Jim, come to my yard and sweep up His beautiful creation!")
Anyway, I will enjoy His creation's 'creation,' because in too many places those sentinels are being taken down to make room for ______.

Standing in what pride they have remaining,
the arsenal of autumn is aglow.
Its multi-colored carpet is creating...
before the ivory blanketing to know.
The writer will not gripe about the labor
that it might take when it has left its wake;
only to enjoy now in its weaving,
the blessed fascination it to make!

Savor the sights with me, won't you?

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