Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Calendar Confusion

On occasion, the only way to know the date is to look at the calendar. Such is today...

Latter spring in middle fall-
all with hints of summer's call?
With winter just a week ago,
confusion would the forecast know!
But on a morning perfect,
life would sure abound!
Even life so colorful
cascading to the ground!
Life of every color,
and multitude of stage,
encourages the writer,
with reserve, to turn the page.

Yes, a perfect morning,
with elements confused,
bids the call to Father God,
from one that is amused.
His Majesty beholding
on spectrum ever grand!
Season changing in the wake
of His moving hand!

Ignore the calendar. Just open your eyes and thank God that He makes all things new...even the landscape!

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