Friday, October 30, 2009


The Apostle Paul signed his letters with the same benediction in several places.
It was needed then, and we surely need the same now!

Grace to you, and peace from Him
Who is all grace and peace!
Unto the same, anxiety
so liberally release!
The Father, He is generous
to mete serenity;
the peace that He dispenses,
it is perfect, as is He!

Grace--His riches unto them
unworthy of the same.
Therefore, unto everyone
there be an open claim!
Availed in Jesus Christ alone-
all grace and peace is He!
The same be wished upon you all
in liberality!

Grace and Peace-oh be ye so
familiar with the One!
God the Father such provides
through Jesus Christ, His Son!
The Prince of Peace, for He is the
epitome of Grace!
All that Jesus Christ can be-
in your heart give Him place!

Grace and peace to you from the Apostle Paul AND from this writer, as well.

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