Sunday, October 11, 2009


The hustle and bustle of the day. Going here and there…talking with he and she…on the way to the next meeting and WHAM…

The beauty of the turning leaves
has caught me in my day.
Someone’s caused me to notice such
that it may ever stay.
Subtleties—a trademark of
this great and mighty One;
and gladly will I pause a moment,
as I am a son.

Yea, though they are turning, they’ve
not yet begun to fall;
soon they will, evasive unto
Old Man Winter’s call;
but, for the moment, just for me
to savor with my sight,
and to worship Him Who made this,
it is only right.

Slowly, summer semblances,
subtle they become;
and, Autumn’s blessed amenities,
apprehend I some;
and oh so very blessed am I
that I could, one time more,
witness oh the blessings that
the seasons have in store!

Are you too busy to realize such?


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