Saturday, October 31, 2009

The House

We arrove at church early again last Sunday. The plants needed tending. That did not take too long, and there we were afterwards: Debby, myself and Father God.
After our time together, I tried to record it:

In silent and in still,
blossoms bloom at will;
fellows on the wing
aren’t hesitant to sing!
God commutes so real,
abundant to reveal!
And life receives its fill
while silent and while still…

So early in the house
of Him Who is my Spouse.
Why am I in the Place
of Him Who is all grace?
With no one else around,
do His affects abound?
But He is everywhere
His plentitude to share!

In silent and in still-
is it His perfect will.
For I’ve been summoned here,
and His call I revere!
His wonderments abound
here where I am found!
He shows them one by one
while calling me His son!

Oh, what a wonderful time with our Father! Nothing compares to it. Nothing supersedes it. Even if the house to which He calls me be ‘empty,’ He fills it with Himself, and I am blessed!
Seek that place, won’t you? It’s never hard to find. It’s not always a church ‘building,’ and He is always there for you.



O the love that raises me
and carries me all day!
It is the love of Him Who is
the Truth, the Life, the Way!
No greater love has anyone
save Him Whose Name IS Love-
He is below, within, without,
and He is up above!
Carried in His love through all
that each day may contain.
He is mine escort even if
all I do is complain.
But mostly, He is right beside
conversing all the way;
beyond all value are the words
that He has got to say!
Carried are the ones who make
The Way their only way!
They are the ones that shall know life

there in that Heaven Day!
The blood of Jesus-guarantee
that Paradise to know,
abounding with that Escort Whose love
now we surely know!

You can know Him right now too!
Do you? His Name is Jesus Christ!

Friday, October 30, 2009


The Apostle Paul signed his letters with the same benediction in several places.
It was needed then, and we surely need the same now!

Grace to you, and peace from Him
Who is all grace and peace!
Unto the same, anxiety
so liberally release!
The Father, He is generous
to mete serenity;
the peace that He dispenses,
it is perfect, as is He!

Grace--His riches unto them
unworthy of the same.
Therefore, unto everyone
there be an open claim!
Availed in Jesus Christ alone-
all grace and peace is He!
The same be wished upon you all
in liberality!

Grace and Peace-oh be ye so
familiar with the One!
God the Father such provides
through Jesus Christ, His Son!
The Prince of Peace, for He is the
epitome of Grace!
All that Jesus Christ can be-
in your heart give Him place!

Grace and peace to you from the Apostle Paul AND from this writer, as well.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Speed of Time

And time goes by...
Summer just ended yesterday, and Thanksgiving is only a few weeks from now...
And Christmas a few weeks from there!
Is time only an issue for us?

Is time only an issue for a writer with limitations?
Should it even be an issue?
But to spend time glorifying God, attempting to reveal Him in new ways to a world with limitations!

Everlasting God,
oh will we understand?
Unto certain people is
so visible Your hand!
Unto the ones expecting comes
reality of You,
and thus, the glories of You, God,
come fully into view!
And to the one with pen would come
a verse, a verse anew!
Is it because the scribe be worthy
of much more of You?
NO! You are no respecter!
You love each one the same!
I only CHOOSE to see You and
to glorify Your Name!

Thus to spend the time that is
in adoration of
the One who is immune to time,
the One who is all love!
He sees beyond all time to each
event that is ahead
and heartens me "Press on..." in Him,
that I be surely led!

And time goes by...
No matter how fast that time goes, as I commit it to Him, He assures that He AND I will get the most out of it!
How is your time?

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Creator God...
But what if His 'creation' is unpleasant? What if we have to clean up after Him? So often, I hear folks complain because they have to rake up after Him! I don't hear them complain while He is painting the limbs and branches! In fact, that usually takes their breath away! (And I can hear them now. "Hey Jim, come to my yard and sweep up His beautiful creation!")
Anyway, I will enjoy His creation's 'creation,' because in too many places those sentinels are being taken down to make room for ______.

Standing in what pride they have remaining,
the arsenal of autumn is aglow.
Its multi-colored carpet is creating...
before the ivory blanketing to know.
The writer will not gripe about the labor
that it might take when it has left its wake;
only to enjoy now in its weaving,
the blessed fascination it to make!

Savor the sights with me, won't you?

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Time to enjoy

Guardians posted at will...
scattering their raiment at will...
oblivious and indifferent regarding their wake...
such is the season. A completely different and exclusive side of the spectrum.
Creator God creating!
I want to enjoy it.
Not many people seem to care, but I do!
I like to take in every shade and gradient because very few take time to do so. And I will, as soon as I get done with...

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


What does it take to get your attention?
How far does God have to go for you to take notice?

Frameless skies hanging without end...
wonder, oh so freely to ascend...
men have tried to scale, without effect,
that place where truth and wonder intersect.
Faces lined with awe attend that place.
They are tolerated with such grace
by the One Creator of it all;
the very same, their deepest souls to call!
The One and only to ordain said frame,
each one in wonder, He knows them by name!
The only One to legislate an end,
He bids each one and all for to ascend!
One and only God, Creator, Friend,
all majesty and glory would He tend;
dispensing, to the poet, at His will,
that which brings to life the yielded quill!

Can you see it? Do you have time? Do you even want to?

Gradual Gift

Dawn to peek at mountain peak,
one more...then...
simple details, too complex
to be explained by men;
one leaf at a tree...
one hill more...
the stimulation of the quill
but once again to soar!

Yet another day begins...
but unlike that before!
Excited be the life as God
Creator does restore!
Oh look upon the living as
the land would slow arise--
challenge to exist: monotony
be unto the eyes?

Oh, but not as God, creator God
assembles autumn day!
But not as God, Father God,
offers it our way!
Unwrap the gift as He presents it:
one ray...another...then...
Of the present make the most,
in JESUS' Name, AMEN!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Calendar Confusion

On occasion, the only way to know the date is to look at the calendar. Such is today...

Latter spring in middle fall-
all with hints of summer's call?
With winter just a week ago,
confusion would the forecast know!
But on a morning perfect,
life would sure abound!
Even life so colorful
cascading to the ground!
Life of every color,
and multitude of stage,
encourages the writer,
with reserve, to turn the page.

Yes, a perfect morning,
with elements confused,
bids the call to Father God,
from one that is amused.
His Majesty beholding
on spectrum ever grand!
Season changing in the wake
of His moving hand!

Ignore the calendar. Just open your eyes and thank God that He makes all things new...even the landscape!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Again to pen...

What are words?
The more I think of Jesus, the more I realize how handicapped I am to try to describe Him!
Who am I?

Again to pen the blessed words
pertaining to a King...
to tell about His perfect love
that makes my heart to sing!
To speak of grace so ultimate
that nothing may compare;
and the fact it is for ALL
I shan't forget to share!

Oh, the love of Jesus-how
can mere words e'er suffice?
And God's unmitigated grace:
the perfect sacrifice!
Words like "adoration," "love,"
"reverence," and "esteem,"
are unto Him whose tolerance
meant my soul to redeem!

Again to pen the blessed words
pertaining to a King;
but this my pen, so cumbered, as
the universes sing!
How can it be sufficient in
description of the Son?
Regardless, I uncap it crying
"Lord, Thy will be done!"

Again, who am I?

Invisible Sight

You illuminate the breath
that causes me to live;
inhalation of it, oh,
what nourishment to give!
My spirit is refreshed, my soul
responds with celebration!
And I am glad You look at me
and call me Your relation!

You illuminate the breath
that none else may provide!
I prosper--such is proof that You
inside that breath reside!
Not as is seen prosperity
in this decaying place,
but life abundantly in Him--
Jesus, Lord of Grace!

Breathing so illuminated,
living so alive!
Vows that, to a higher place,
in victory I'll arrive!
But life illuminated every
moment until then,
when I return to that fair land
where I have never been!

"A new, familiar place." Though I've never been there, it will feel like home." I don't understand it, but He told me so. I believe Him.
Do you?

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Lord of Grace

Too often, Christians are looked upon, (or down upon,) as people with no problems at all. Thus, we are seen as ignorant or apathetic to the trials of others.
As I spoke with someone at a restaurant, I heard "How would you know? Your God protects you from ALL problems!" about a conversation starter!! At the end of that conversation, the man and I had a wonderful time of prayer!

I am not exempt from all
the trials of the day.
A fairly decent share of them
truly come my way.
It is but a part of life, though,
I have come to learn;
I do not enjoy them, but
anxiety I spurn!
My Lord and Savior said, Himself,
that such would always be.
However, there is so much more
in store for such as we;
especially concerning how
He knows our every care!
Tell me, then, how should I allow
but anything to scare?

Serenity in knowing that
all things are known to Him,
and that He is concerned for each
and every one of them.
Thus, with the brightest countenance,
each moment I shall face!
Again, so very blessed am I
to have the Lord of Grace!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

THAT Cross

What do you stand for?
I know, there are songs, movements, even entire communities begging that question from you. There is one single issue, though, whose stand determines your state for all eternity.
Will you stand for Him?

Fain would I stand up for Him,
willingly to share!
Even to resist contempt,
Calvary’s shame to bear!
For greater are the things within
provided by His grace
than the rife debauchery
without for me to face.

Ever shall I face my world,
my countenance aglow;
the cross of Christ mine only shield
against what it should throw.
Mine only shield? Indeed! But is
it not omnipotent
against the lies and wickedness
that are nether-sent?

I glory in the Cross while serving
Him Who occupied.
Assured victory as I am
elected to His side!
My standard it shall be until
I look into His face,
then shall He, from His treasuries,
that rugged Cross replace!

Am I alone?

Friday, October 16, 2009

Matthew 6:19-21

My riches are not of silver or gold,
diamonds or rubies or any such told.
Nor are they based in possessions or land,
they're blind to the eye, untouched by the hand.
For I have a treasure that naught can pollute,
and my claim unto it not one can refute!
Moth cannot destroy it, thief cannot steal;
to my heart alone is its worth to reveal!
And there, in that faceted chamber of life,
are valuable treasures, ever so rife!
Things so expensive they haven't a price;
the blood of a dear One, the cost to suffice!
Corruption unknown to what is within,
as nothing inside there is fashioned of men.
All of its contents have come from above,
form one in particular: God--Who is love!

Where are your treasures?

Thursday, October 15, 2009


Hang in's almost over!
Though you feel it's pointless, remember

Paradises elsewhere,
on and on they go.
Do the stresses of this place
affect their ebb and floe?
"Press on! Press on," they call to us,
"through temporary grief!
The day is closer nigh at hand
when you shall know relief!"

Paradises elsewhere
secure each yearning heart
with blessed truths that the saved
shall certainly depart!
A destination sure awaits
with glories yet unknown;
The very same it culminates
before His glory throne!!

Paradises elsewhere-
they tug the heart indeed,
with reminders that, at last,
the spirit will be freed!!
Do not ignore such promptings,
embrace them all secure!
For with the Spirit's help, ye shall,
to Paradise, endure!!

Cling to it! Embrace it, and never let go of the Promised Land the saved shall enjoy!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

You have made a way

"You have made a way for me,
You promise, You come through!
The only thing that must be done
is trust completely You!
Your vows are without argument
and settled long ago;
mine each and every certainty,
God, You completely know!
Your ways, for they are absolute,

we only must accept!
You keep them without wavering,
(though we may feel inept!)
You settle them as certain,
yet newer everyday-
I do not understand in full,
but prosper anyway!
You have made a way for me,
even when I rebel!
You saw the course that I would choose...
Your way, no choice, to fell!
Thus I go on anointed,
appointed and ordained,
for Your glory, Yours alone,
said way has yet remained!

There is a way appointed for all of us. Some do not know. Some reject it. I know some that write it off as "predestination," and try to live like hell!! Will YOU accept what God has for you?

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Vocal Love

I am a man of unclean lips,
with such, I even dwell.
I try to walk in spirit, but
my flesh would yet compel.
Why is it such a battle to
keep bridle on this tongue?
Why is such carnage from the same
with which sweet hymns are sung?

My God, please set a watch on me
that I not acquiesce;
that nothing should come from these lips
save, Father, what would bless!
And Father, even use this man
to bring them unto You
by vocalizing Your sweet love
in what I say and do.

I know those words apply to very few of you, so please pray for me. I still have trouble bridling the rudder.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Stellar Ways

Though stellar is His every thought,
though universes He has wrought,
though, by Him, the stars are taught,
He gave His Son for me!

Inconceivable, the ways
of The Inhabitant of praise;
yet, in all of my earthly days
I can so clearly see!

Yea, so far above this place,
I soar to gaze into His face;
yet He descends-what blessed grace
that, without, I shan't be!

Conceiving such--it's not for me!
"To just accept," my God's own plea.
Daily, thus, His grace to see
for all eternity!

Just accept...but, but,
But I have to explain it...
But it must be explained to me...
I can't figure it out, therefore it cannot be true.
Just accept it. Can you?

Sunday, October 11, 2009


The hustle and bustle of the day. Going here and there…talking with he and she…on the way to the next meeting and WHAM…

The beauty of the turning leaves
has caught me in my day.
Someone’s caused me to notice such
that it may ever stay.
Subtleties—a trademark of
this great and mighty One;
and gladly will I pause a moment,
as I am a son.

Yea, though they are turning, they’ve
not yet begun to fall;
soon they will, evasive unto
Old Man Winter’s call;
but, for the moment, just for me
to savor with my sight,
and to worship Him Who made this,
it is only right.

Slowly, summer semblances,
subtle they become;
and, Autumn’s blessed amenities,
apprehend I some;
and oh so very blessed am I
that I could, one time more,
witness oh the blessings that
the seasons have in store!

Are you too busy to realize such?


Friday, October 9, 2009


Rumbling experienced
where life is yet to see...
glorious resounding
long before the ancients be...
adoration even where
this life can fathom not...
the same, for His Omnipotence,
a fleeting afterthought?
Forbid the same! But His awareness
growing, growing, GROWING!
And His creation glorious,
it shows no signs of slowing!
For said creation we can see,
and feel, and even hear!
To glorify Him for such life,
let each heart persevere!!

Rumbling continuing
despite the speed of living!
Man unaware, yet other life
His praise and worship giving!
Behold how many other realms
respond to God alone,
and bring that thrill unto His grace
upon the only Throne!!

I have not mastered worship. I am only a participant.
Are you?

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Sunrays grin upon life in
the early of the day,
creating subtle nuances
that savor Autumn play;
hide-and-seek the order of
October morn array...
life is alive.

Life is alive. Live it with me, won't you?
There are mornings that I cannot see, but I can hear.
There are mornings that I cannot hear, but I can smell.
There are mornings that I cannot smell, but I can feel.
God made each morning for us to experience. No matter what excuse we come up with to avoid the morning, He has provided a blessing in some way.
Find that reason and enjoy the morning with me.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Awesome and majestic
You are and You have been;
glorious and beautiful,
beyond the grip of men!
However, You are touchable
by any who desire;
the splendor of You, Father God,
so much to inspire!

Awesome and majestic,
You are and You will be;
glorious and beautiful,
beyond eternity!
However, You are touchable
to all who have Your Son.
The mercy of You, Father God,
eternal life is done!

Awesome and majestic,
You were, You will, You are!
Glorious and beautiful,
beyond, but never far!
You are, You are so touchable
to any and to all!
The grace of You, oh Father God
to any that will call!

Can you see it? Yes, you can!
And you don't have to strain to see! His grace is right there, in plain sight, as it has been for centuries! The only way to miss it is to ignore it!
Don't miss it. It is glorious!!

Monday, October 5, 2009


Love divine, all love eternal,
hope and stay and truth always!
Keep us in Your Way predestined
until gone our earthly days!
Lord, such keeping be so golden!
Such a canopy divine!
Scarce would be poetic picture
of the love forever mine!

Cry out! Cry out with me in gratitude of the glorious love lavished upon such as we!! SUCH AS WE!!
That love is named JESUS CHRIST!

Sunday, October 4, 2009


How long must I live before
you will take heed to me?
To even reach that life, have I
the opportunity?
And is it a 'decision' that,
that point, I even reach?
Or do you only call me 'choice'
in most 'correct' of speech?

Who am I?


"What are you doing this for?"
"What's in it for you?"
"Why do you write if no one is going to read it?"
So many and these questions have risen over the years, and still surface today.
I told the Lord something years ago that I cling to yet: "Father, if no one else ever reads these words, I will continue to write them. They are not my words anyway, they are Yours. No one else needs to see them, You do."
Needless to say, someone else sees them: the person reading this. That does not change why I write, though. Long before this media was even available, I was writing for Him.
What about your ministry? Why are you doing what you do?
What about MY ministry? hmmm...
"What am I doing this for?" For Jesus!
"What's in it for me?" Eternal life!!
"Why do I write if no one is going to read it?" To glorify God. As I said, He reads everything I write before anyone else does!
So tell me, why are you doing what you do?

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Without Excuse

The willow, so poetic in its stance
fascinates upon the slightest glance;
its every arm, with elements, to vie
all the while outstretched to glorify.
It teaches no acquittal with the sight:
everything, in God, may take delight!
The blind, the dumb, the mute, the deaf, the lame...
ALL can glorify His Holy Name!

Man is without excuse in the sight of God.
God is worthy to be matter what state that man is in!
What has hindered YOUR worship of God?

Friday, October 2, 2009


Empty words and mindless verse...
stanzas that be mere 'rehearse...'
paragraphs that barely rise,
bouncing off of cluttered skies...
Remove the gifts if only be
to edify and glory me!
On any less than Jesus' Name
I long to NEVER stake a claim!!

I don't deserve it! Only what Jesus is and what God does in and through me is worthy of any praise, and it is HIS praise!
For those of you who knew me growing up, "English" or 'writing' was the last thing I excelled in! God had a purpose, though. God still has a purpose, therefore these 'messages' continue to flow, if to no one else' amazement but my own!
Give GOD the glory for HIS purpose in this man's life...and your own!