Saturday, September 12, 2009

Walk with me...
just a little further...
smell it?!
There it is, right there!
Oh, I want
To paint Creator God while breakers
crash against the rocks...
to sketch the verses capturing
the spritzes and the shocks!
To dissertate a stillness that
moves all unto its own...
but capturing His majesty
as yet to be unknown!

But merciful, Creator God,
to share His blest creation.
The glory of His Majesty
shall never know cessation!
His originality
rebukes negotiation!
Unto the ignorant would it
smack of improvisation?

But all creation orchestrated,
every single wave!
He even knew vocabulary
poets were to crave!
Each part of the coastline He
designed, somehow, alone
for the fascination and
the wonder to be known!

Does the same fascinate you?
Do you see the coastline as the end of land or the beginning of the sea?
Creator God has neither. Explain it to me.

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