Monday, September 21, 2009

Right Now

It is always right now.
It is never yesterday. It is never tomorrow.
It is always 'right now.'
We cannot live in the past. There is no future in it.
There is a future, but no one knows when.
The only time we have is right now.
I must make right now count.
To do that, must I always be busy 'doing' something? Yes, I must always be 'doing' something, but what constitutes 'doing?'
Sometimes, 'doing' something 'right now' means 'waiting' on the Lord. A lot of people, meaning well, think that serving means filling 'right now' with so many things that they feel guilty if there is the slightest rest. Such cannot be! I don't care who you are, you need rest. Too, no matter who you are, you must 'wait on the Lord.' Which begs the explanation of 'wait.'
Most often, one thinks of 'wait' as 'pausing until something expected happens,' or 'living with an expectation of something to come,' something that may not be 'right now.' For years I thought 'wait on the Lord' meant 'standing around waiting for Him to do something.'
What if we saw the term 'wait on the Lord' as a thing that a waiter does at a restaurant: tending to the needs of the guest? What if 'waiting on the Lord' meant doing everything we could to please Him and see to His desires? When? Right now!
Too many people are just 'waiting' for something to happen, but if we were 'waiting' as this term entails, look how much we could get done for Jesus, RIGHT NOW, as we 'wait!'

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