Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Being a servant for many years does not imply I am above others. It does, however, require that I be more responsible...all for HIS glory.
This truth came again to me the other day as I held the cup...

Your brokenness unto me-
I hold it in my hand.
Your mercy, grace and healing-
eternal, said command;
the blessing of Your body-
but when was it decided?
How can a finite instrument
grasp that eternal-sided?

Your brokenness unto me,
the only thing to mend!
Beyond all of my reasoning
Your glories to extend!
The sum of all my qualities
to warrant none of You!
But You contained me in Yourself
with restoration true!

Your brokenness unto me-
is this man aware?
I be of upper echelon
if any would compare;
but such invisible when witnessed
through Your crimson flow!
O see me as I am, Lord,
that Your holiness I know!

Of course, we are all equal in His sight, but I think He would expect more of me since I have been in His Presence for this many years.
Pray for me, won't you? Pray for us!

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