Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Praise IS!

Praise is bound to happen,
regardless of events!
Though situations come and go,
not one of them prevents!
Adoration is, whether
it comes from us or not;
the highest exaltation,
God the Father, He has got!
So what should hinder us from joining
with that highest call?
He is aware of everything,
even our each fall!
That which we see as 'failure' was
already known in full;
and He already has ordained
what be our upward 'pull.'
He saw the situation whole
before our lives became.
He saw the failure I would be,
yet called this man by name!
He sees me far beyond myself
and listens to my voice;
He sees the blessing I may be
and therefore I rejoice!
And praise is bound to happen
but most of living long.
He lives on the inside of me,
oh, He is my song!
No matter what the day contains,
He is the greatest part!
And all things work together for good
because He's in my heart!

Praise IS. No matter how bad the day may be going, there is something to praise God for. If nothing else, I am alive to experience it. If the experience is that bad, I can praise God that it is not permanent.
No matter what your day contains, try to find something about it that is praiseworthy. If it is like my life, you never have to look too hard!

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