Saturday, September 26, 2009


I mowed the lawn this morning. My favorite task. Really! Excuse me. I attempted to mow the lawn this morning. Normally, I mow the front yard, rest, and then work on the back. Today, however, I barely made it through the front. As I realized my stamina after just the front yard, I cried out
Damn these limitations!
I used to do so much!
The simplest of duties now
more foreign to my touch.
My favorite of duties now
must I pay to have done?
Somehow, without my notice,
my dad became this son.

After I settled down and regained my emotional state, I wrote
These minor limitations--
I am so very blessed!
There is so much that I can do,
and still remain the best!
I see my neighbor and realize
just how strong I remain,
and how much stronger I shall be
when death shall be my gain!!

Gaining further reasoning, I settled on the truth
What then are limitations
as long as I'm alive?
Eventually, unto the end
of task shall I arrive.
It may take three days longer,
but fruition comes to be.
The only thing affected are
perspectives that we see.

God Most High visits me. Even when I am whining. Next door, Nick saw my frustrations and had just the right words to minister with. We were both noticing that our neighbor behind us was having her lawn mowed by someone I had not met yet. He told me the man that does all her yardwork had to have triple-bypass surgery. After the surgery, he got gangrene and lost his left leg.
And I am whining because I can only walk behind my mower one third of the yard at a time?
Father, forgive me!

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