Tuesday, September 1, 2009

No Reasons

Oh, God of my salvation,
on You alone I wait.
You alone I seek, Lord, as
my life, I dedicate!
So beautiful, so wonderful,

the Presence of You here;
and oh so very merciful
You are to let me near!

Have you been there? How near? Dare you even attempt? Oh, but He desires You there!! Go for it! You are not worthy? He decides that! You do not "clean up to take a shower" do you? If you are not worthy to be with Him, HE will decide that and let you know why! That is what Jesus is for! Jesus went through all that for you so that You could be with the Father! I promise you, Jesus is the answer for every excuse you come up with to stay away from God! After all, that's all they are: excuses! There are no reasons.

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