Sunday, September 27, 2009


As I sat this evening in church, I felt the Presence of God...even before service! Have you been there?
I started to write about it. I got almost all the way done when the singing started. During the songs, I kept glancing down at the page...four lines left.
"Lord, what goes there?"
Song service over. Still no lines.
Pastor started reading. Instead of singing, he read the verses to "Trust & Obey."
THAT WAS IT!! Trusting and obeying! Thank You, Holy Spirit!

In a holy Presence,
no other Presence be.
Come to this place expecting,
results, then, there will be!
Let not the disbeliever
prevent admission hence;
God is here, open up--
receive faith's recompense!

"In a holy Presence,
what covering to be!
The glory and the majesty-
no greater canopy!
Beneath transparent crimson
there is protection true:
the power of its keeping
can only be from You."

In a holy Presence-
oh, what blessed 'wait!'
Given to the Spirit,
perfect be the gait.
Trusting and obeying-
receiving of the sum.
Oh, the holy Presence:
come, believer, come!

Oh, how wonderful it is when the Holy Spirit has control of the service! Are you able to to accept His way? There is so much available from Him!

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