Thursday, September 3, 2009

Life is a Race?

Am I doing enough?
Am I keeping up?
Life is a race. Am I keeping up?
How do you, how do WE, track progress in this race?
Just this morning, someone wrote here wondering these very things. How is one to answer such?
For this writer, the most valuable gauge is the Holy Spirit. Having an intimate relationship with the Holy Spirit not only keeps me abreast of progress, it reminds me of pitfalls along the way. And it is not MY progress, it is what is accomplished for the Kingdom, for GOD'S glory!
Life is a race? Perhaps. Too often, however, life is taken as a sprint. Thus taken, one runs out of energy very quickly! Pace yourself. Whose pace? The Holy Spirit!
Another thing happening too often: life seen as a personal race. It cannot be! It must be a marathon. We are all in this together! If you see someone in trouble, help them up! If you are in trouble, ask for help! Humble yourself! Too many people cannot finish the marathon because they are too proud to ask for assistance!
On the other side of that coin: too many people only turn to God when they need help. What about when things are going great? He wants to hear from you even then! Why do you think that it is going so well then? MERCY & GRACE!
The Marathon. So many people. So many different paces. One winner? NO! Any who participates is a winner! What if I have to drop out? I won because I attempted!
Are there any losers?
You tell me.

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