Monday, September 14, 2009


In other realms, will there be limitations as to how Jesus is described? Fathomed? Experienced?
There are a few in this place, especially to the writer! For there are things between my pen and my Savior that none can know! They are far beyond my ability to record! They can only be known to the individual!

Glory adoration...
infinity to know!
Without an end, without repeat
the praises only grow!
So beautiful, so brilliant,
so far past poet reach;
yet the same, unto the
Master Poet would beseech!

Glory far exceeding any
rhythmic meter professionally set!
Contained, but never limited
to scheme or rhyme beget.

Glory adoration,oh,
but currently to know.
Into the Presence of the King
respectfully to go.
The glory of His Majesty,
the privilege of the same...
the spectacle and awe of Who,
for this man only, came!

Glory far exceeding worth
this fleeting life has set,
and worth containing life that this life
cannot ever get!!

Glory adoration, oh,
and endlessly to know!
Christ adored and glorified--
our very lives to show!
Demonstrated to THAT day,
beholding THEN forever!
Oh, from the grips of glory THEN
no thing at all to sever!!

KNOW it with me. Do you?
Know it with me, won't you?
It is possible!

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