Saturday, September 5, 2009


Have you hope? It is freely availed regardless of situation!
That hope is JESUS CHRIST!!
Where are you regarding hope?
I have found that

Where hope is often absent
Christ Jesus, He attends!
He reaches out unto me
and all my heart ascends!
Then hope is ever-present
as He embraces living.
Sweet nourishment, unto the soul,
so gloriously giving!

Sweet hope--so very healing,
so liberating, too,
in Him Who is dependable,
and constantly anew!
His Name, His Name is JESUS!
He springs with hope eternal;
genuinely call upon Him,
take him deep internal!

Jesus, Jesus, Jesus--
hope like not another!
Master, Saviour, Jesus,
closer than a brother!
Friend--and even greater...
life, and life providing...
regardless of the storm, upon
His hope shall ye be riding!

Do you know such hope? Get it...get HIM!!
He is available!

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