Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Debby had an appointment this morning. There were several others in the place upon arrival. Have you ever noticed the tone of places based on the type of appointment?
I am enthusiastic. Sometimes, overbearingly so! What I have discovered, however, is that it is not the appointment, or even the purpose thereof, it is merely the inconvenience of it!
Something happened today that happened at my last appointment: the office forgot us and left us in the waiting room! It was one of those moments that caused you to ponder how others would react. Being in public service for 30 years, I have seen many reactions! Is there always place for every attitude? Does my attitude affect life?

In a room with attitude-
can one life affect?
The gamut to be present here-
can one heart inflect?
Salt and seasoning unto
an entree minus taste?
Shall be withheld what one contains
how great to be the waste!!

Attitude is helpful,
but can the same be changed?
Of a truth, it only takes
ingredients arranged.
Attitude is wonderful
when balanced on the scale.
Too much one way or the other
and the same WILL fail!

One heart in balance can affect,
and more when given chance.
There be no limit to the compass
known as 'circumstance.'
But heart containing attitude,
(and that toward the good,)
can do a myriad of worth-
could...and would...and SHOULD!

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