Monday, September 21, 2009

The Blue Above

Watching over...
unnoticed? Insignificant?
Are even these words a waste of time for being concerning such?

In the blue so tranquil be
the carriers, so stealth;
soon to share upon the land
the terror and the wealth!
Now to be majestic, though,

as silently they pass...
How can be such danger in
so beautiful a mass?!!

Inspiring and brilliant,
purest shade of white;
gray, out of the spectrum, it be
blended oh so right;
all against a contrast of
the fairest shade of blue,
all across the realm of Him
Who orders every hue!

There be no other One to speak
the color into sight.
In a single statement ordered He
Such has been unto this day
and shall be to the end
when they that so behold it fair,
into it shall ascend!

Will you go? For it is written "The trump shall sound and they that are in Christ shall ascend..."
BE THERE!! You can! Make Jesus your Lord and Savior! You shall surely then enjoy that flight to worlds unknown and be forever in Paradise with JESUS!!
All beyond that simple, blue sky above.

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