Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Praise IS!

Praise is bound to happen,
regardless of events!
Though situations come and go,
not one of them prevents!
Adoration is, whether
it comes from us or not;
the highest exaltation,
God the Father, He has got!
So what should hinder us from joining
with that highest call?
He is aware of everything,
even our each fall!
That which we see as 'failure' was
already known in full;
and He already has ordained
what be our upward 'pull.'
He saw the situation whole
before our lives became.
He saw the failure I would be,
yet called this man by name!
He sees me far beyond myself
and listens to my voice;
He sees the blessing I may be
and therefore I rejoice!
And praise is bound to happen
but most of living long.
He lives on the inside of me,
oh, He is my song!
No matter what the day contains,
He is the greatest part!
And all things work together for good
because He's in my heart!

Praise IS. No matter how bad the day may be going, there is something to praise God for. If nothing else, I am alive to experience it. If the experience is that bad, I can praise God that it is not permanent.
No matter what your day contains, try to find something about it that is praiseworthy. If it is like my life, you never have to look too hard!

Present His Present

There is a cliche going around about the 'present' being God's gift to us. If I may borrow that, I would say

Early, early silence:
listen to the roar!
What is dawn for living?
What is sunrise for?
But live it like no other!
Enjoy like not before!
Return it to the Maker:
will the gift be more?

We have another opportunity to do all we can for Jesus. At the same time, God gives us all we need to do so, and then some!
Enjoy all you can today, but don't waste it!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Evening once again...
Has progression been?
What have I done today
to cause glory His way?

"Father, You are glorified
in the words I say,
but unless I live the same,
damnation come my way!"

Evening, come nigh.
Join in my heart's deep sigh
in knowing that my claim
brings glory to Christ's Name.

Oh, that each of us may say that without shirking this evening.
Good night. Savor the blessed assurance that is from living this day for His glory,

Monday, September 28, 2009

Tickle the Ear?

Morning more colorful now. Autumn in the air...on the land...
in the heart.
It is so fascinating: words can be written to describe creation and readers respond.
However, I can write

"When all is said and done, all men
are equal in His sight.
Station in this life will then
not matter in the slight.
ALL will stand before Him as
He checks one thing alone:
whether we've been to His Fount,
our sins to there atone.

Yea, when all is said and done,
all men shall face one plight:
eternity shall each man have
in fire or in Light.
For every man believes, therefore
each man shall make a choice:
one shall burn eternally,
the other shall rejoice."

and folks get upset and want to "unsubscribe."
Why can't we handle the Truth? Why must the 'Truth' be sugar-coated for some to believe?
I know that there is gloom and doom in every form of media out there. For that matter, one must only look at the signs of the times. But the believer knows that such must be before the end. And the end is just the beginning...IF YOU BELIEVE!
You CAN believe! John 3:16 tells you how! It says
"For God so loves the world that He gave His only begotten Son, JESUS, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have everlasting life."
That's it! Believe in Jesus. Learn all about Him.
Yes, I am intolerant! But I love you so much that I want you to know The Way! And JESUS is the ONLY Way!
You CAN believe!
Sure, the autumn creations are wonderful, but nowhere near as glorious as THE CREATOR!
Get to know HIM!!

Sunday, September 27, 2009


As I sat this evening in church, I felt the Presence of God...even before service! Have you been there?
I started to write about it. I got almost all the way done when the singing started. During the songs, I kept glancing down at the page...four lines left.
"Lord, what goes there?"
Song service over. Still no lines.
Pastor started reading. Instead of singing, he read the verses to "Trust & Obey."
THAT WAS IT!! Trusting and obeying! Thank You, Holy Spirit!

In a holy Presence,
no other Presence be.
Come to this place expecting,
results, then, there will be!
Let not the disbeliever
prevent admission hence;
God is here, open up--
receive faith's recompense!

"In a holy Presence,
what covering to be!
The glory and the majesty-
no greater canopy!
Beneath transparent crimson
there is protection true:
the power of its keeping
can only be from You."

In a holy Presence-
oh, what blessed 'wait!'
Given to the Spirit,
perfect be the gait.
Trusting and obeying-
receiving of the sum.
Oh, the holy Presence:
come, believer, come!

Oh, how wonderful it is when the Holy Spirit has control of the service! Are you able to to accept His way? There is so much available from Him!

Saturday, September 26, 2009


I mowed the lawn this morning. My favorite task. Really! Excuse me. I attempted to mow the lawn this morning. Normally, I mow the front yard, rest, and then work on the back. Today, however, I barely made it through the front. As I realized my stamina after just the front yard, I cried out
Damn these limitations!
I used to do so much!
The simplest of duties now
more foreign to my touch.
My favorite of duties now
must I pay to have done?
Somehow, without my notice,
my dad became this son.

After I settled down and regained my emotional state, I wrote
These minor limitations--
I am so very blessed!
There is so much that I can do,
and still remain the best!
I see my neighbor and realize
just how strong I remain,
and how much stronger I shall be
when death shall be my gain!!

Gaining further reasoning, I settled on the truth
What then are limitations
as long as I'm alive?
Eventually, unto the end
of task shall I arrive.
It may take three days longer,
but fruition comes to be.
The only thing affected are
perspectives that we see.

God Most High visits me. Even when I am whining. Next door, Nick saw my frustrations and had just the right words to minister with. We were both noticing that our neighbor behind us was having her lawn mowed by someone I had not met yet. He told me the man that does all her yardwork had to have triple-bypass surgery. After the surgery, he got gangrene and lost his left leg.
And I am whining because I can only walk behind my mower one third of the yard at a time?
Father, forgive me!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

For what?

Does situation matter
to Him Who changes not?
Then why, unto OUR situations,
pays He so much thought?
Already is each answer known
to Him Who is all-knowing;
then should we not, to Him for ALL,
unceasingly be going?

With a lot of things, we think that it is too little or not important enough to go to God. However, He says in His Word to "pray without ceasing."
There should be nothing too big or too little to prevent us from going to Him. Even if there is no 'thing' at all, what about going to Him just to converse? Just because He is God!
Go for it. He is always there!

Monday, September 21, 2009

The Blue Above

Watching over...
unnoticed? Insignificant?
Are even these words a waste of time for being concerning such?

In the blue so tranquil be
the carriers, so stealth;
soon to share upon the land
the terror and the wealth!
Now to be majestic, though,

as silently they pass...
How can be such danger in
so beautiful a mass?!!

Inspiring and brilliant,
purest shade of white;
gray, out of the spectrum, it be
blended oh so right;
all against a contrast of
the fairest shade of blue,
all across the realm of Him
Who orders every hue!

There be no other One to speak
the color into sight.
In a single statement ordered He
Such has been unto this day
and shall be to the end
when they that so behold it fair,
into it shall ascend!

Will you go? For it is written "The trump shall sound and they that are in Christ shall ascend..."
BE THERE!! You can! Make Jesus your Lord and Savior! You shall surely then enjoy that flight to worlds unknown and be forever in Paradise with JESUS!!
All beyond that simple, blue sky above.

Right Now

It is always right now.
It is never yesterday. It is never tomorrow.
It is always 'right now.'
We cannot live in the past. There is no future in it.
There is a future, but no one knows when.
The only time we have is right now.
I must make right now count.
To do that, must I always be busy 'doing' something? Yes, I must always be 'doing' something, but what constitutes 'doing?'
Sometimes, 'doing' something 'right now' means 'waiting' on the Lord. A lot of people, meaning well, think that serving means filling 'right now' with so many things that they feel guilty if there is the slightest rest. Such cannot be! I don't care who you are, you need rest. Too, no matter who you are, you must 'wait on the Lord.' Which begs the explanation of 'wait.'
Most often, one thinks of 'wait' as 'pausing until something expected happens,' or 'living with an expectation of something to come,' something that may not be 'right now.' For years I thought 'wait on the Lord' meant 'standing around waiting for Him to do something.'
What if we saw the term 'wait on the Lord' as a thing that a waiter does at a restaurant: tending to the needs of the guest? What if 'waiting on the Lord' meant doing everything we could to please Him and see to His desires? When? Right now!
Too many people are just 'waiting' for something to happen, but if we were 'waiting' as this term entails, look how much we could get done for Jesus, RIGHT NOW, as we 'wait!'

Sunday, September 20, 2009


If you are like me, the Lord often speaks to you. Most times, I will get me pen and the Holy Spirit will compose a poem or other kind of message. Sometimes, the Lord will do as He did below. Here we have a word directly from God, and most often directly to me. That said, if the following words minister to you, join me in thanking God for words of encouragement:

"Between the fire and the flood is an oasis. Do not miss it.
The only way to miss it is to ignore it.
It is put there for your benefit because I love you.
I provide the oasis because I know you need it.
I know what you've been through, and I know what you will have to go through.
I want you to receive what is at the oasis.
There is more there than the meeting of your needs. For I also know the desires of your heart, and I make provision for such.
I know the speed of life for you. Allow Me to run with you and I will meet the needs and wants you have by my will...because I love you."

Savor the oasis so faithfully provided by THE loving Father!

in HIS Service,

Saturday, September 19, 2009


So often, I feel like CRYING THAT OUT, even in church. Someone will, in all love, come up and say how much better what I said was than ______. I don't want to hear it! It's not a contest. We are all in this together. We are all in this for one purpose, and we are all ambassadors for the same King!
What I say or write is no better than ________ if it is for HIM. Sure, I may speak or write more than _______, but that does not make me any 'better.' Again, it's not a contest.
I am tired of hearing "Hey Jim, you have to see what ______ wrote today, it's almost as good as......" If it is about Jesus and uplifting His ways, it matters not who it's by, or our opinion of it's quality. If the Holy Spirit inspires it, enjoy it and grow from it, don't compare it!
If what he or she wrote or said ministers to someone, then GOD is successful, we are only the vessels He is using. Folks often ask how my book is selling. I don't really want to know how it is selling, I only want to know that someone is being blessed by it, and that God is being glorified.
Are you being blessed by it? Then give GOD the glory, not me!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Trials are so real;
worries you can feel;
stresses, they abound...
where can life be found?

Peace is a decision.
Peace--for He is risen!
Peace is His position
and part of His mission!

Life--it is so real!
No matter its appeal,
it never be above
Christ Jesus--Life and Love!

Though TRIALS are, we have PEACE in this LIFE!
Jesus said "I am the Way, the Truth, and the LIFE."
With LIFE inside of us, the TRIALS do not have to affect our PEACE.
Oh, the blessing of joy when we master such truth!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Debby had an appointment this morning. There were several others in the place upon arrival. Have you ever noticed the tone of places based on the type of appointment?
I am enthusiastic. Sometimes, overbearingly so! What I have discovered, however, is that it is not the appointment, or even the purpose thereof, it is merely the inconvenience of it!
Something happened today that happened at my last appointment: the office forgot us and left us in the waiting room! It was one of those moments that caused you to ponder how others would react. Being in public service for 30 years, I have seen many reactions! Is there always place for every attitude? Does my attitude affect life?

In a room with attitude-
can one life affect?
The gamut to be present here-
can one heart inflect?
Salt and seasoning unto
an entree minus taste?
Shall be withheld what one contains
how great to be the waste!!

Attitude is helpful,
but can the same be changed?
Of a truth, it only takes
ingredients arranged.
Attitude is wonderful
when balanced on the scale.
Too much one way or the other
and the same WILL fail!

One heart in balance can affect,
and more when given chance.
There be no limit to the compass
known as 'circumstance.'
But heart containing attitude,
(and that toward the good,)
can do a myriad of worth-
could...and would...and SHOULD!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Is that all there is to it?
How do you know?
Is it only words upon a page, or is it words that create a picture.

Land be tranquil as the pen
attempts to capture sight.
Though overcast be dominant,
remains there great delight!
Creation rests, but movement is
unto the willing eye;
if it tunes unerringly,
the ear detects a sigh.

Hurry not the morning,
already middle-age...
capture every paragraph
before is turned the page.
Using the imagination,
fill in every blank,
and cap the tale developing
with God above to thank!

Do you have time for the story?
MAKE TIME! I promise you that it is worth it!
Watch the words.

Monday, September 14, 2009


In other realms, will there be limitations as to how Jesus is described? Fathomed? Experienced?
There are a few in this place, especially to the writer! For there are things between my pen and my Savior that none can know! They are far beyond my ability to record! They can only be known to the individual!

Glory adoration...
infinity to know!
Without an end, without repeat
the praises only grow!
So beautiful, so brilliant,
so far past poet reach;
yet the same, unto the
Master Poet would beseech!

Glory far exceeding any
rhythmic meter professionally set!
Contained, but never limited
to scheme or rhyme beget.

Glory adoration,oh,
but currently to know.
Into the Presence of the King
respectfully to go.
The glory of His Majesty,
the privilege of the same...
the spectacle and awe of Who,
for this man only, came!

Glory far exceeding worth
this fleeting life has set,
and worth containing life that this life
cannot ever get!!

Glory adoration, oh,
and endlessly to know!
Christ adored and glorified--
our very lives to show!
Demonstrated to THAT day,
beholding THEN forever!
Oh, from the grips of glory THEN
no thing at all to sever!!

KNOW it with me. Do you?
Know it with me, won't you?
It is possible!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Walk with me...
just a little further...
smell it?!
There it is, right there!
Oh, I want
To paint Creator God while breakers
crash against the rocks...
to sketch the verses capturing
the spritzes and the shocks!
To dissertate a stillness that
moves all unto its own...
but capturing His majesty
as yet to be unknown!

But merciful, Creator God,
to share His blest creation.
The glory of His Majesty
shall never know cessation!
His originality
rebukes negotiation!
Unto the ignorant would it
smack of improvisation?

But all creation orchestrated,
every single wave!
He even knew vocabulary
poets were to crave!
Each part of the coastline He
designed, somehow, alone
for the fascination and
the wonder to be known!

Does the same fascinate you?
Do you see the coastline as the end of land or the beginning of the sea?
Creator God has neither. Explain it to me.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Giving Life

Majesty of morning
overshadowing all living...
promises of one more day
so rife and oh so giving...
a day as just another?
A day to come and go?
All of life and life ago
crying out "NOT SO!!"

A man is crying out in terror,
no idea why...
a woman crying out in pain,
none to pacify...
children--no time to cry out
before they are no more...
all innocent--does terror care
what reasoning is for?

Time is passed; difficulties
yet so very real.
The greatest miracle abounds:
the opportune to heal!
Life has risen. Life will rise
beyond death's appetite!
The gone, they live; and Life still gives
what is good and what is right.

God bless you one and all.
In HIS Service,
Jim Busby

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

SEE it!

"It's not what you look at, it's what you see."
My wife taught me a long time ago, (and reminds me often!) that it's not what I say to her, it's how I say it.
Our vision often is the same way. I can look at something and describe it. You can look at the same thing and describe a totally different scene. I can see the the majesty and glory of the season, my neighbor just shakes his head and gets his leaf blower!
It's not what you look at, it's what you see..

Is yet alive the living?
Why can it not be seen?
For absolutely motionless
appears the autumn scene.
But only for the moment,
as life is on its way:
the limbs upon the branches
approaching final day.

Until that day, however,
movement to subside,
save to display the spectrum
of glorious autumntide!
One moment at a time displaying
warmer color scheme;
quilt of season spreading on
developing of dream!

Yes, living is the living
to them that would behold!
Life, so very glorious!
Life, so very bold!
Life is the Creator
and so identified:
behold His touch, so evident
on each and every side!

See Him!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Being a servant for many years does not imply I am above others. It does, however, require that I be more responsible...all for HIS glory.
This truth came again to me the other day as I held the cup...

Your brokenness unto me-
I hold it in my hand.
Your mercy, grace and healing-
eternal, said command;
the blessing of Your body-
but when was it decided?
How can a finite instrument
grasp that eternal-sided?

Your brokenness unto me,
the only thing to mend!
Beyond all of my reasoning
Your glories to extend!
The sum of all my qualities
to warrant none of You!
But You contained me in Yourself
with restoration true!

Your brokenness unto me-
is this man aware?
I be of upper echelon
if any would compare;
but such invisible when witnessed
through Your crimson flow!
O see me as I am, Lord,
that Your holiness I know!

Of course, we are all equal in His sight, but I think He would expect more of me since I have been in His Presence for this many years.
Pray for me, won't you? Pray for us!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

More than song?

So many are the hymns of old that hearten us onward.
But is that all they are? Hymns?
God forbid!!
Words of old must be far more. Study them. They are also words of life when applied:

"Just a closer walk with Thee?"
But without ending let me see,
let me feel and let me hear
evidence that Thou art near!

Evidence of Thee inside:
evidence that I abide
in Thy very ways, oh Lord;
relationship so blest afford!

Just a closer walk with Thee;
communion, Jesus, let it be
regardless of what others say;
oh, but gird me stable in Thy way!!

Hymns of old.
Let us never lose sight of words to live by!

Saturday, September 5, 2009


Have you hope? It is freely availed regardless of situation!
That hope is JESUS CHRIST!!
Where are you regarding hope?
I have found that

Where hope is often absent
Christ Jesus, He attends!
He reaches out unto me
and all my heart ascends!
Then hope is ever-present
as He embraces living.
Sweet nourishment, unto the soul,
so gloriously giving!

Sweet hope--so very healing,
so liberating, too,
in Him Who is dependable,
and constantly anew!
His Name, His Name is JESUS!
He springs with hope eternal;
genuinely call upon Him,
take him deep internal!

Jesus, Jesus, Jesus--
hope like not another!
Master, Saviour, Jesus,
closer than a brother!
Friend--and even greater...
life, and life providing...
regardless of the storm, upon
His hope shall ye be riding!

Do you know such hope? Get it...get HIM!!
He is available!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Life is a Race?

Am I doing enough?
Am I keeping up?
Life is a race. Am I keeping up?
How do you, how do WE, track progress in this race?
Just this morning, someone wrote here wondering these very things. How is one to answer such?
For this writer, the most valuable gauge is the Holy Spirit. Having an intimate relationship with the Holy Spirit not only keeps me abreast of progress, it reminds me of pitfalls along the way. And it is not MY progress, it is what is accomplished for the Kingdom, for GOD'S glory!
Life is a race? Perhaps. Too often, however, life is taken as a sprint. Thus taken, one runs out of energy very quickly! Pace yourself. Whose pace? The Holy Spirit!
Another thing happening too often: life seen as a personal race. It cannot be! It must be a marathon. We are all in this together! If you see someone in trouble, help them up! If you are in trouble, ask for help! Humble yourself! Too many people cannot finish the marathon because they are too proud to ask for assistance!
On the other side of that coin: too many people only turn to God when they need help. What about when things are going great? He wants to hear from you even then! Why do you think that it is going so well then? MERCY & GRACE!
The Marathon. So many people. So many different paces. One winner? NO! Any who participates is a winner! What if I have to drop out? I won because I attempted!
Are there any losers?
You tell me.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

No Reasons

Oh, God of my salvation,
on You alone I wait.
You alone I seek, Lord, as
my life, I dedicate!
So beautiful, so wonderful,

the Presence of You here;
and oh so very merciful
You are to let me near!

Have you been there? How near? Dare you even attempt? Oh, but He desires You there!! Go for it! You are not worthy? He decides that! You do not "clean up to take a shower" do you? If you are not worthy to be with Him, HE will decide that and let you know why! That is what Jesus is for! Jesus went through all that for you so that You could be with the Father! I promise you, Jesus is the answer for every excuse you come up with to stay away from God! After all, that's all they are: excuses! There are no reasons.