Sunday, August 2, 2009

Turn Back (Lamentations 5:19-22)

"Turn us back to You, dear Lord,
let us be as one.
With our hearts in one accord
we call upon Your Son.
Renew our days, Lord, as of old,
when You were our first love,
when all that we would talk about
is that of You above!
For in You, Lord, is restoration
to the very soul!
Your Spirit calls us to repentance,
Your touch makes us whole.
We know Your anger carries not
forever, patient Lord;
before You we are on our face,
oh bring Your peace toward!

Forget us not, dear Holy Lord,
forsake us not, Your Bride.
We repent now unto You
from the depths inside!
Your touch of blessing on our lives,
unto us now restore;
for in You do we now reside:
we need not ask for more!

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