Saturday, August 22, 2009


Yes, there is only One Savior for this man: JESUS CHRIST!

Oh, give me Jesus Christ,
the only Savior to suffice...
the only One of mercy,
not another sacrifice!
The lone propitiation for
whatever I have done;
oh, give me Jesus Christ,
the Father's One Begotten Son!

Not any other Savior,
not any other King!
The "world" may seek another,
but such be only "thing:"
a temporary pleasure,
a temporary bent,
but Jesus is eternal!
His reign be permanent!

Oh, give me Jesus Christ,
I turn my back on every other!
He calls me 'friend,' He calls me 'son,'
He even calls me 'brother!'
I dedicate mine all to Him-
Him, my only Lord;
no greater a relationship
can anyone afford!

Intolerant? Fanatic? That be me if so!
What about you?

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