Monday, August 3, 2009

From the east to the west...

"You whisper and the clouds billow
as You ordered them to long ago;
at Your breath they move along
so rapidly or so very low...
See them fall and climb.
A pointless waste of time?
Has it any rhyme?

You move and lightning bolts across the sky!
You alone know the path of each.
You give each one a voice that cannot hush!
And only You know each voice's reach!

Rumble and the roar...
all fascination soar!
What is it all for?

You ride upon the fullness of the storm.
Not another may accomplish such.
You see it in completion of its living.
In every facet, You reveal touch.
Soon will come the dawn...
spectacle goes on...
You will not be gone!"

Do you know the Creator in such a mighty way?
Do you want to know Him like this?
Too many are afraid to know this!
What about you?

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