Saturday, August 15, 2009


Each and every one of us has a "lord," something that we place above everything else in our lives. I could go down the list, but everyone knows what I am talking about.
What is 'lord' of your life. Greater, Who is Lord of your life. Who or what is it that you give your most to?

"O be enthroned in majesty,
in voices and in verse!
Build Your everlasting throne
within as we rehearse!
No other song of reconstruction
You alone to build!
Your holy ways, Your attributes
within us be instilled!

Come—o holy One, You are
requested into reign!
Come—o see Your holiness
become my greatest gain!
Come—be so alive within
that it be seen without!
Come—that in my silence, Your
great Presence even shout!

Yea, be enthroned in majesty
in this life and the next!
Make sure the glory of Your grace,
but always intersects!
YOU ARE enthroned, o be enthroned
in each and every heart
that we inspire others cry out

Is that the cry of your heart? Please make sure!


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