Wednesday, August 5, 2009


What is yours?
Better, what is your CHRISTIAN duty?
"The laborer is worthy of his wages." Yes, that's in the Bible.
Why are so many pastors getting burned out then?
Three times this week, (so far,) I have been contacted by pastors.
I met with one at a recent prayer meeting. Following the meeting, he asked if I could stay at the church for awhile.
The pastor and I walked around the church and he shared a bit of his heart. Later, he came by the house.
For a rather 'young' pastor, (age-wise,) he looks terrible! When we got to my desk, he laughed and said "aaahhh, I can relax!"
From his heart, he explained that he is tired of the political ploys his church board is wresting about over affairs of GOD'S church. He is aware that SOME is normal for every church, but it is way too prevalent in that one. Too, two 'powerful' families in that church are 'feuding.'
I wish you could have seen his face. It was painful. It was tired. However, knowing this man, it was also honest, and I guess that is why it is so painful to me yet this morning.
Am I ignorant? One of these pastors told me that similar 'families' in their church dictate content of sermons. I don't understand that. Again, am I ignorant? When I speak somewhere, it is what the Holy Spirit puts on my heart. This pastor writes that he is needing prayer because 'powerful' members are 'suggesting' what he preach, but he is choosing to listen to God upon his heart instead.
How long have I been ignorant? A few of these pastors have been confiding in me for a few years, but in the past few months that confidential list has been growing.

How is your pastor doing? Do you even know? Do you even care?

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