Saturday, July 4, 2009


One late afternoon, as I studied a photo of the Statue of Liberty, I was so moved emotionally that I allowed my pen to speak for me...

Monolith of masonry,
sentinel on crimson canvas solely;
some would see a god of concrete
whence a nation cries out "holy, holy!"
But a symbol of a nation
under God, for which said 'idol' stands?
But say, is it an 'idol,' that erected
by the long dead's weary hands'?

More violent, the shades of dusk--
like that which yonder tower represents;
spilt so very long ago,
yet so alive, the journal of events!
Written on the hearts of men,
punctuated by the pillars yon'
to silence even quill and tongue
that cling to all they can before they're gone.

"Monolith of masonry
in a skyline storied and revered,
stand in serenity and strength
in sight of One alone to be so feared!"

Can you see it with the writer? Look with the eyes of the spirit upon New York harbor and thank God Most High for the Independence that we yet are blessed with!

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