Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Send me to the vision

Oh, but what about that vision
that cannot be seen?
What of that spectacular
contained in hidden scene?
What of that so beautiful
that word cannot contain,
that, even highest angels, they
would dare not to explain?!

Then how can I so question such
if it were not revealed?
Many mysteries remain,
but not all concealed.
If God be witness of a servant
with a yielded heart,
glimpses of His glory, of
a truth, will He impart!
This a proven truth as we
are privy unto such!
Thus are we to boldly go
as we're enlightened much;
taking His Light everlasting
to a world so dark
with knowledge of a better Place--
oh Lord, direct our bark!

LOOK FOR IT!! If God realizes you are serious about it, He will reveal glimpses of glory to YOUR spirit!
What are looking with?

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