Thursday, July 9, 2009


Day is done. So oft have I thought about the end of it. Not that it has been a 'bad' day, but I have longed so to be in His Presence!
Ahhh, at last...

Out beneath the stars,
nothing to distract;
prayers more since?
Verses more exact?
Here to realize the level
of dependency
on the only One to know
the verses that will be!

Here to know embrace...
here to savor grace...
here to see His face
far beyond mere 'trace.'

Out beneath the stars,
distraction not at all!
Pure obedience
unto the greatest Call!
Can it be 'obedience'
with so great a reward?
Oh, what precious canopy
with Jesus Christ, my Lord!

GO THERE! Find that necessary escape containing only Jesus and You! Spend time there! It is absolutely necessary!

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