Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Raging Storm

Have you ever been in one?
Does the 'storm' always refer to the 'weather?'
All of life contains storms. And whether it a physical storm, an emotional storm, or a meteorologic event, Jesus is the answer!

Tough the storm rages, the blest Rock of Ages-
He shall be my harbor of rest.
To it I retreat, and there, at His feet,
I'm strengthened, protected and blest!
Though I be assailed, yet never has failed
the shelter I find in the Rock;
through every gale I hide in the veil
and there I can weather the shock!
So if you be tossed, the storms to accost,
call Him Whom the winds do obey.
His Name is The Lord. To you, He'll afford
what's needed to weather each day!

Trust Jesus. He rides above the storm, and He invites us to ride with Him!

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