Saturday, July 25, 2009

Overcoming Love

So often, words are written about something or for someone with little intention of the pen to glorify God. Afterwards, upon reflection, the same words apply perfectly to Him Who gifts the writer!
Said scenario refers to the following words. A lady asked me to write something for her special son, something that would tell him just how much he means to her. Whenever I am asked to do such, I ask the person to write about a dozen single words that describe their feelings. The words that she chose were quite deep and intimate. After I prayed about it, the Holy Spirit filled in the blanks.
Here is the finished product...

Will you ever understand
the love I have for you?
Or how much I appreciate
the many things you do?
The way I feel while holding you
and whispering "my son?"
In this blessed walk of life
you make me skip and run!

And grateful to the Father am I
that you are my son!
I've come to learn, since I have you,
His holy will be done.
As long as I accept and love you
just the way you are,
there is nothing that we cannot do,
no terminus too far!
And to those destinations,
by our love, do we traverse.
We've overcome so much so far,
that nothing is adverse!
And nothing lies ahead that we,
together, cannot face!
You and I and God Most High:
patience, love and grace!

Being over 15 years from that conversation, I can see how these words refer to the relationship that I have with Jesus!
Is your relationship with Him as intimate?

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