Tuesday, July 21, 2009


For we are an investment--
His passion be instilled!
The old man that once was, he is
deceased, the same be killed!
Life anew from Him Who is
so mighty for to save,
and now, His own possession has
much greater for to crave!

Death unto the former things
and life forevermore!
Whatever be left in the past,
far greater He'll restore!
Not a thing be worthy of
whatever He shall bring!
Unto the stellar promises
but surely will I cling!!

Then death be but a shadow, yea,
and life to overtake!!
Life that be eternal, life
that not a thing may shake!
The greatest of return for that
so great a sacrifice!
And that, not of our own, but
God the Father's own devise!

"Father, thank You for never giving up on Your investment!"

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