Friday, July 24, 2009


Would you recognize Jesus on the street? Are you sure? There was a song in '70's asking that very question. Later, in 1988, there was a TV show in which the title character showed up in situations and blessed, protected or led people, and then disappeared.
If you were looking for Jesus, what would you look for?
I looked at such through Jesus' eyes and wrote

"You see me out there on the street
every single day.
Do you hear me calling out
as you go your way?
Most of those who hear my cry
just shake their heads at me;
and those who feel compassionate
let fear outweigh the plea.
All the day I think of someone
stopping, reaching out,
freely offering to me
that touch I am without.
I have so much to say to them,
and so much more to give;
I know so many things that would
help them to better live!
For I am from another place
that most know little of,
where no one hurts each other,
and compassion reigns with Love.
And all that I can do for them
is keep on reaching out
continually offering
that touch they are without."

Have you seen Him lately? What did He look like? Did you even try to find out?

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